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Updated FEBRUARY  17, 2007 


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Guy's business sound engineering
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Sound Engineering and Community resources

Kootenay Coop Radio "Live On Air"

The Sound"Guy"

Guy Lapointe's

Pied Crow 911 Healing Crow

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Here you'll learn about me: my interests and hobbies, People I know, what they do and what they have to offer. I'm a network of all the people I know, if you are looking for something, maybe I can help finding it

From the East to the West, thru North and South. All people celebrate life with music. India.......I vibrate with the energy of that country, the music, the culture, the peoples

What's Now!

Reality is an Audio
Visual and Sensory description of What one puts their attention on.

Paraphrased from the book -ET 101

There is only one Reality, each has his own.

It is impossible for an intelligent being to keep sinning and remain happy.
Once, the sin is a mistake, twice the mistake is the sin.
We learn from our mistakes, and only if we surmmount them. - Michel Genier

 The Chinese calendar dates back centuries before the Julian calendar we use at the present day. It measures time based on the astronomical observations of the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars, and is highly accurate.CLICK

We can't really live anywhere else, as far as we know, lets keep it together

Sound Engineering is my passion. Music and sound waves are so healing, they move thru each of us vibrating us down to the deepest core, of our souls, Let the music heal you and dance with the spirit!

Erin Thomson

India's temples....expressing the self

Watch the show!

Photos taken by Erin Thomson. Click to contact her.

if this link doesn't work go to the PEOPLE page for contact

Tantric Temples, India - Breathtaking!

Erin acobatics, playing with ropes Click for larger image.
Acrobatics at Charlotte's

so the story goes........

Vibrational Medicine

I want to be healing

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