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Hello all,

Given what I have been exposing these past 20 years about the state of the world the obvious question that follows is this: 'So what can we do about it?'

I am going to give my view on this today and it is, of course, yours to make of what you will. It is not for me to tell people what do and how they should act. That is their decision, not mine or anyone else's. But here are some thoughts and they can be summarised by this quote from Albert Einstein: 

'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it'.

There are a number of versions of what Einstein is supposed to have said, but this one encapsulates all of them. In short, the problems that we see in this world - this reality - cannot be repaired by the same kind of thinking - sense of reality - that created them.

Why? Because the 'world' is a reflection of that 'thinking' and if the 'thinking' doesn't change, neither can its reflection - the 'world'. The manipulators understand this and they are constantly offering and encouraging 'solutions' that they know will just exacerbate the problems and create more.

Round and round we go and so it must be because the global merry-go-round is just a manifestation of thought processes, individual and collective, going round and around, repeating, repeating, repeating. As the saying goes: If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. Put another way: If you always think what you've always thought you'll always create what you've always created.

'Ain't it great - we're getting somewhere at last ...?'

So there has to be a consciousness shift to trigger any transformation of reality. You can organise all the groups you like to challenge injustice, call all the public meetings you want, produce a mountain of minutes and arrange for mass marches through the streets. But nothing will change unless there is a change in consciousness.

I observe many of the groups who are pledged to change the system or expose its manipulations and corruption. These include those of the political 'left' and significant elements of even the 9/11 Truth Movement that is seeking to expose the official story for the nonsense that it is.

But what I see so often is the system-thinking which created the injustice repackaged under another name, another banner or slogan. The political 'left' and 'right' actually think and act the same - only their rhetoric differs and even then often barely.

I was interviewed this week by members of the Irish 9/11 Truth group and it was a real pleasure because these guys had 'got it' about nothing changing unless consciousness expands, but many within that gathering movement and indeed conspiracy research in general are still stuck in the ever-repeating circle - trying to solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.

Different numbers and colours, but the same wheel. And the 'House' - the system - always wins in the end because the system controls the wheel.

It is sad to see how movements for 'change' are hijacked by the system-thinkers and how they often marginalise and dismiss those among them who have another, more expanded, vision of reality. But things are shifting, if not as quickly as we would like.

One of the classic traits of system-think is to see problems, and therefore solutions, in terms of complexity. The system loves complexity because it entraps the mind in bewilderment and therefore inaction. 'The problems are just too big, there's nothing we can do.'

Mind, or what I call 'body consciousness', is imprisoned by complexity, but expanded consciousness takes a point of observation that can see the obvious - the apparently complex is actually real simple. For me, true genius is seeing the simple in the complicated, and body consciousness, or 'mind', can be a right dummy when it comes to this. It has a 'simplicity filter' and so can't see the forest for the twigs.

Here's an example of what I mean:

How do we solve the problems of all these wars and conflicts, and all the suffering, poverty and political infighting?

Body consciousness answer: We must have conferences and UN votes and send more troops and have G8 summits and marches through the streets.

Higher consciousness answer: We must love each other.

And no, that's not just a trite one-liner from a New Age workshop. It is a fundamental truth from which all else comes.

System-thinkers are observing everything from a crooked angle. They see the complexity of society as the target they must focus upon to bring about 'change' when the complexity is the symptom, not the cause. It is an expression of the values that underpin it and if the values are flawed and complex, so must be their expression.

So what are these 'values' that have created the world of complexity and injustice that we daily experience? Basically, look after number one - self. What's in it for me? How does this affect me? What does this do for me? On and on it goes.

Of course, this must create complexity because there are currently more than six billion 'selfs', and vast numbers of them, though far from all, have bought the myth that life is about me, me, me. The complexity comes from dealing with billions of people pursuing service to self and all the laws, organisations and systems that this generates.

Human self-obsession takes endless forms, including: I must do whatever is necessary to get what I want; We as a country must do whatever is necessary to serve 'our interests' (see 'American interests', 'British interests', etc); I must do whatever is necessary to impose my beliefs, religious and otherwise, on everyone else. Me, me, me, I, I, I.

Take that last paragraph alone and you can see how those 'values', those attitudes, must translate into conflict, war, injustice, imposition and division. It can't be any other way when the foundations on which our society is erected are so self-centred and callous to begin with. And callous 'values' = callous complexity: a 'crazy world'.

This is why when we give love a chance the peace will take care of itself.  All you need is love.

Love: the universal language.

Oh yes, I hear the cry - 'You can't eat love and love's no good when the other guy's got a gun'. Well, first of all enormous and grotesque numbers of people on this planet are not eating because of an absence of love and the same goes for why the 'other guy' is carrying the AK47.

I am not talking about sitting in a circle chanting 'love is the answer' and everything will be fine. Love in its true and infinite sense is not a spectator, not some inactive esoteric concept. It is the ultimate power in all existence and it is there for everyone to connect with and express in daily experience whenever we choose. The tragic thing is that we don't choose and that's why we have the world that we do.

We have tried hate and me, me, me, and it doesn't bloody work - look at its 'creations' ...

And love is not the answer when the absence of love is the cause of this??

If we want all of that to be confined to the history books of our children and grandchildren in the sections about a brutal and insane past that is no more, then we need to become conscious and thus grow up.

No, not become Republicans or Democrats, Labour or Conservative, right or left, black or white, Christian or Hindu, Muslim or Jew.

Become conscious.

Two words will transform this reality because of all that will come from them: love and respect. Indeed, respect is inherent in love anyway.

These values are the soul mates of awakened consciousness and they will transform this ball of division and conflict into the paradise it is destined to be. Paradise is not a place; it is a state of being that transcends all places, races and expressions of the Infinite.

To put it in practical terms it means this: doing what you know to be right rather than what you think is right for you in the moment.

By that, I don't mean 'right' as in the 'right' horse to back or the 'right' company to invest in. I mean 'right' in the sense of the heart centre. What does the heart tell you is the right course of action? And let us not kid ourselves that we don't know what the heart is saying. We do, it's just that its urgings are ignored because the head is saying 'What are the consequences here for me?'

The system wants us to identify with the 'body self' and put that self first. Love urges us to see that we are all One and that therefore the greater good and the 'individual' good are indivisible.

What is right is also what is right for us in the moment and we have lost sight of that because our perspective has been twisted to make us forget who we are - the All, not the small.

Imagine the transformation of daily life that would emerge from the values of love and doing what we know to be right and not what we think is right for us. Unfairness and injustice would fade away and so would conflict, war and imposition of will.

Sometimes it will be right to defend yourself against injustice and stand your ground in the name of fairness. Other times it will be right to concede your own position and desires to provide fairness and justice for another.

The question would be: What is right? Not, as so often today: 'What is right for me? What's in it for me? What are the consequences for me? There is no need for such internal conversations when doing what is right in the name of justice and the greater good is your only question.

How can anyone be homeless, hungry, carpet bombed or abused in a world of love where people do only what they know to be right?

How do we create such a world?

We become conscious.

This very state of being - doing what you know to be right and fair - opens the channels to higher consciousness because these are the values of higher consciousness.  The energy carried by that intent cracks the auric eggshells of body consciousness and sets us free of the system's 'values' that are designed to enslave us in me, me, me.

Love and respect can gift us a world that I would like to live in ... a world in which everyone does what they like so long as they don't impose it on anyone else. Diversity of view and lifestyle can live in harmony so long as love and respect hold the balance between them.

It brings together both respect for our right to do and be what we choose while respecting those same rights for others and it will bring an end to the complexity that engulfs us today.

You don't need laws when you have love and respect on the level I am speaking of. You don't need laws to say you cannot murder when to do so is unthinkable, let alone doable. The same with child abuse, environmental abuse and all the rest. Love and respect don't need laws, they can handle it themselves, thank-you.

But can any of this be done with today's level of collective consciousness? No, not a chance - 'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it'. And nor can a reality be transformed by the same level of consciousness that enslaved it.

There has to be a consciousness shift, an awakening to a new point of observation, beyond the realms of me, my, I. But it's coming, oh yes, it's coming, and if I am not here to see it fully expressed then my children and grandchildren will be. The pregnancy pains of this shift and the dying pains of the old reality are going to be considerable, sometimes almost overwhelming for some, but it will be worth it in the end.

The biggest challenge for all of us in this time of transition is to live our words and not just speak them. Humans have developed a wondrous gift for self-deception and we are simply brilliant at persuading ourselves that what we think is right for us is what is right for the greater good. It is time to be honest with ourselves.

Awakening to the power of love is one thing - expressing it when its reality is at odds with body reality is quite another. Only when we are faced with a choice between what we know to be right and what we think is best for us at that time will we truly confirm if love is our guide and not just a catchphrase that is to be spoken, but not stirred.

But then we are facing those choices all day every day, so we'll soon know, eh?

Copyright David Icke, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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