watching crow
About US and ME

The fractal
Fractals are so life like, here's to looking at yourself

I'm part of the network of everyOne I know
 ALSO the Ones still yet to be known. Each of us
 part of a spiritual family coming together.
Expressing who WE are individually. 
 We make it up as we go along.


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The whole universe vibrates, each atom vibrate, a cluster of atoms vibrate to create, and here we are

Vibrational Medicine - What is it!

Energy waves moving through channels, and paths,
like ebbs and tides, peaks and valleys.

We are these channals, theses pathways,
sounds and music moves through us and me,
moving the very core of who we are, building us, shaping us, moving through resistance and flow, changing direction, varying in range and intensity, soundwaves, emotions,
energy in motion

I'm into Balance, Harmony and facilitating,
shift and feeling,
Well this is me (below) at work, hairy and all, (I shave sometimes....) loving the whole process, mixing for "live music" or a play, and doing my radio show. Go to the page Radio show for more.....

StarBelly Jam

Ya well the darker side to mixing music is,...... mixing in Bars. Oh yes the local hangout. The Royal Grill and Lounge This is where I make money, my cash cow. It's not allways pretty,.. yet still a lot of fun! Thank you! for coming to enjoy and support Live Music.

The Artists pour their hearts and souls to us, the Audience... We experience the effect.

As a Sound Engineer I try to be as Transparent as possible...
to let the music flow through. Giving all sounds, space to be expressed and therefor heard.
And now for You and I receiving the gift that the artist is sharing, our feelings talk....silently back to the artist...
and feeds his soul.

In the first year I started doing sound at the Sub Pub. The mics where setup and a wonderful female had just performed. The next person signed up for Open Stage, was angry, it was going to be poetry The person walks up to the stage and approaching the microphone, A major feedback happened, that's when I noticed that personal energy was also interpreted by the mic and completely affecting the sound.

Feedback is too much of a particular frequency, So anger, that the person was carrying was the change from the previous performer. Here's the use of an EQ.
With the EQ one can decrease offending frequencies. I even noticed as people move around the room, it changes the sound and more "tweeking" has to be done

The show must go on. Whatever it takes!

A list of some of my favorites

African beats, latin rythms, tantric grooves, tabla, sitar, funk, crysal bowls, the djembe, piano and sexy saxes......and many many more instruments and sure rocks the world! I don't know where I'd be without it.