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Links to Audio and Visual downloads about misinformation pertaining to Governments and Corporations

If you do the numeralogy of his dad's full name, it come out to 666
oh my god
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Global Awareness


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Where's the drug money?

Page updated DECEMBER 2007.

OFF-LINE----Documentary Download Page

2001 NEWS Report about Skull and bones ritual

over 100 ebooks/pdf and info for you to read

Visit This Link for a list of mainstream articles demonstrating how the Military Industrial Complex as committed acts of treason against all of us. Here you also can view a trailer of MARTIAL LAW 911 THE RISE OF THE POLICE STATE.

Download Here The United Nations - A Look Into The Future - John Birch Society.wmv this video is a very good look at The New World Order and The United Nations and their plans

Inform yourself about Oil decline
Life After The Oil Crash
Luke Crawford's website (Green Party) I don't support ANY party - He shows valuble info
Energy Bulletin

Some really interesting Document for you to read!

Civil Rights 2001-2004 Records - Redefining Rights in America.pdf
David_Icke- The_Biggest_Secret.pdf
David_Icke -The_Round_Table_Bilderburg_Network.pdf
Noam_Chomsky- What_Uncle_Sam_Really_Wants.pdf
The_Secret_Teachings_of_All_Ages.zip by Manly P. Hall

Get your Emergency Preparedness Tools and long-term survival and living gear At NORTHDOORWAY HOMESTEAD OUTFITTERS

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Download White America Eminem Uncensored-(Quicktime video)

Incidence of Coincidence

US Military Invades B.C.!

Alright, There is alot going on, truths, lies, we need to stay informed, and make sure you do research. This site will get you started

The "Truth and Lies of 911"
Here is an audio (59 Min.- 28 Meg) file from Mike C. Ruppert exposing 911. Right click on the link and "save target as". You can also go to
Mike C. Ruppert's Site
"From The Wilderness Publications"

Go and Visit The Government Accountability Projects WHISTLE BLOWERS Site. This is a site about people that expose CRAP within the governments and corporations.

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A specific plan goes into place as we speak. Most importantly, we share specific information with those who need it and who can act upon it.

Drugs and Oil is what the war is all about, right now there is so much money laundring through the world banks, with their knowledge!

Chemtrails (very toxic) Visit the Cloud Busters site, Click Here for their new site.
Watch Clouds of Death video HERE (realmedia)

Watch Video "Global Dimming HERE

Heal yourself from the affects of chemtrails, Visit http://www.silverprotects.com/ for info.

From FreeSpeech TV:
A Video about
Oil, Power, & Empire: Iraq & the US Global Agenda
51 min. Realplayer(download) required. Make sure you visit the Free Speech TV homepage for lots more info.

Good vs Evil: Bush's Theology of War
32 minutes.

Only the Beginning17 min. A chilling video about Vietnam