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present location: Nelson, BC, Canada
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Sound Engineering FOH/Monitors List Of Bands



* The David Thompson Student Society, Board member, Volunteer till 1997. Position as Door Monitor, Bartender, Sound engineer and Floater.

* Consultation for The Green Garden Business Plan and related research and project development.

Starlight Productions Ltd. Co-Writer and Script Consultation, and casted for the 35mm film entitled "Starlight".

* Co-Writing Script Consultation for the multi-media theatrical script and production for the story entitled "Skel".
Co-Designed a non-profit society called Skylark communication society, with the intention towards healing through the Creative Arts.

* Summarized Group Process Data, forming The Earth Centre Business Plan, an International Research Facility.

Co-Designed The Fact Mapping Process: Most In Least Words.

* Compiled 16 page Fact Map: Planetary Sustainablity inviting the world's best in every field including: farming, healing, religion, education, business, planetary replenishment, music, stories, computer, audio and video production and distribution.

* Gaia Family Homes. Designing and Writing Business plan for a Sustainable Residential Cottage Industries Project.

Rainbow Bridge Productions. Co-Writing and transcribing the Script of "The Eagles are Flying". A movie about the last 10 days of a First Nations man who passed-away from Aids.

* Rainbow Bridge Collective. Business plan Writing and Co-Designed "A Pilot Project for Developing a Safe Place for Youth-in-Distress in the R.D.C.K".

* The Garage Youth Centre. Co-coordinated a group of volunteers for a 12 week program "Youth Drop-in Centre". Documented drop-in's, counselling, feeding and supervising of youths 14 to 24 years old. Submitted final report to acquire funding. Youth advocate, Networking.

IBM Computer Consultant, Hard drive management and repair.

* Continuing volunteer work at D.T.S.S., 10 hours/week, active Director Board member, Licensee.(till 1998)

* Shaw Cable. Volunteer technician and mobile unit director training.

* 8 track Recording Studio Engineer training.

* Co-produced "Journey to On" a rock opera at Capitol Theatre/Stage technician/Sound Engineer.

* Under the Volcano. Stage technician for Kootenay Music Festival, Buffy Ste-Marie and Malaika.

* Engineered Soundtrack for short film "Buster Mcgee Goes Broke".

* "Live" sound engineer for music bands, Soundtracks, Recording and Mixdown for demos.

* Club Utopia, House sound engineer and tech for bands. till 1998, 3 nights a week.

Shaw Cable Ltd. Training for video editing, Local programming, camera operation, in studio and on-location. Volunteer Course.

* 2nd Annual Kootenay Music Festival. Large scale outdoors. Stage tech, stage monitor operator for 28 bands. (3 days)

* Kootenay Co-op Radio Society, Forming the technical group aimed towards the realization of a radio station, serving the local and global community, designing a non-frofit structure and a consensus board of directors

* Nelson Cenntenial celebrations - Talent show, 31 performers, stage monitors and tech.
- Lake side park show, 3 bands, stage monitors and tech.

* DAVID THOMPSON STUDENT SOCEITY, sound engineering live and recordings for over 1200 performances (1992-1997) Production coordinator.

Setting up the KOOTENAY CO-OP COMMUNITY RADIO, Technical Workgroup, Director on BOD, Founding Member, signed incorporation documents.

* HAIRY PRODUCTIONS. Setting up and operations of lighting and sound equipment. Till present time.


* SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL 1 Site prep, Avalon Stage Tech and general Site Tech assistant. FOH at Rockpit Stage.

* AVALON NIGHTCLUB, House and live sound engineer/tech for sound equipment, responsible for all maintenance. till 2001, 2 nights a week.

* KOOTENAY COOP RADIO, Technical workgroup, VOLUNTEER Tech for PUBLIC events.

* Recording local artist. preparing demo tapes.

* PlaySpace dance studio. Co-writing and recording soundtracks for plays and dance productions.

* SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2 Site prep, Avalon Stage Tech and general Site Tech assistant. FOH at Rockpit Stage.

* Joined the band BINGBONGO; studio recording and live sound engineer attending all rehearsal and performing each gig.

* Kootenay coop radio 28 day broadcast. Set-up and maintenance of a radio station with local programming.

* Tech-Training, Mixers, Digital editing (soundforge) teach programers how to pre-record radio shows and Edit them 1999-2003

* STARBELLY JAM, ('99, 2000, 2001) A 2 day outdoor festival, complete set-up and maintenance of sound systems and mixing stage monitors and FOH mixing.

* O'DRISSCOLL PRODUCTIONS. Co-wrote, recorded and live engineer for theatrical stage production.

* Weekly RADIO SHOW on Kootenay coop radio 93.5 FM. "Artist On Tour - expressing Canadian Culture thru Music. (Till 2011) (12 years)

* SHIFT PRODUCTIONS AND SOUND. Recording local artists, cd production, sound gear rentals. Produced soundtracks for plays, soundscapes, raves

* BC FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS, Nelson- engineer and tech for World Music show and Song writers showcase

* Added another Weekly RADIO SHOW in 2001 "Secrets Behind it all" - presenting global concerns. (Till 2011) (9 years)

* CIVIC PUB. Sound engineering contract. Live Sound engineering, sound system maintenance and repair. (Owner change 2003 - Venue becomes Finley's Bar and Grill)

* ENORMOUS PRODUCTIONS. Live Sound engineering contract for The Queen's Hotel, Engineer for all shows..

* THE QUEEN'S HOTEL. Live Sound engineering for all live music, from 2 to 5 nights a week.


*THE QUEEN'S HOTEL.Entertainment Manager - booking bands, overseeing events - 2002-2003

* THE JEREMY WALSH BAND. Sound Engineer during winter tour 2003, Vancouver Island to Winnipeg and back. View the Tour schedule. 

* Website design and maintenance.

FINLEY'S BAR AND GRILL - 2003-2008 - In-House sound engineer, Sound system install, setup and maintenence. Over-seeing audio needs for all events and mixing FOH

ROYAL BAR AND GRILL 2008-2009 - In-House sound engineer, FOH for all shows. (2009 new owners, became Royal Grill and Lounge)

ROYAL GRILL AND LOUNGE 2009-2012 - consulted on sound system purchase, designed and setup room, sound treatments, system setup and maintenence. Senior engineer on staff of 3, FOH (2011 became responsible of event logistics, Finding backline, etc for all shows - (Dec 2011 New Management. Same position till Feb 2012.

Sound engineeer for all the re-creations scenes on location for the documentary "THE SINIXT Bringing Home the Bones" which is now a movie called "We Are Not Extinct" from Frog Mountain Films.


- Sound engineering for bands, festivals, conferences, corporate functions and events ranging from small rooms big arenas in the greater Kootenay area.

Royal Grill Nelson AKA The Royal on Baker, Manager and Audio Engineer (2 years) Audio Tech - booking bands, All A/V - audio equipment maintenance and general restaurant equipment up keep.
Restaurant and Bar Manager, overseeing staff, day to day operations.

Charles Bailey Theatre Working with Enormous Productions, stage monitor, and technician.  Enormous Productions website 

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