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Healing place
History of Medicine:

1000 AD: "Here, eat this herb."
1700: "That herb is an old wives' tale; take this elixir."
1900: "That elixir is quackery; take this pill."
1960: "That pill doesn't do any good; take this antibiotic."
2000: "That antibiotic isn't safe; take this herb."

Debate: Do Vaccines Contribute to Autism?

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Autism and Vaccines

Michael and Theresa Cedillo, whose lawsuit seeks to prove a link between autism and vaccines, tell Sharyl Attkisson how their daughter was transformed after a routine shot. (

The Story of Blood Electrification

By Ken Adachi (Editor)
January 2000 Update!November 18, 2006: **Important 1996 Lab Report from Kaali & Lyman Detailing the Deactivation of HIV/AIDS Virus with minute Direct Electrical Currents --Seen for the first time on the internet**
Biocompatible Electric Current Attentuates HIV Infectivity (Nov. 18, 2006)

Watch the documentary Suppressed Medical Discovery - Electrical unit info and effects in details

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Autism Recovery Workshop

- If you know someone who has a child that struggles with autism this is a MUST ATTEND (-or get information-) event as it has the newest cutting edge practical strategies from some of the top natural medical clinicians.
Dr Mercola Website

Listen to the audio documentary World Without Cancer, .
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ALERT Chinese cosmetics firm using skin from executed prisoners

Berkey Longterm Water Filters - Solar Emergency Lighting Systems

Herbal Healer . com

GNOSIS (knowledge of spritual mysteries) WELLNESS CENTER - Paul and Wendy Harvey

Acidifying & Alkalizing Foods Chart