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Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter passed away Aug 15 2002 R.I.P


Ian,Shining brother of peace, love created you out of
oneness. <<Now in the wavespell of death your soul has
ascended to another space in time. Purified by the
power of water, the great mother of infinite mystery
now embraces you.

Through the rites of your passage, your kin of eb,
yellow human, has asked you to bridge the world
between self and spirit. Ian, a seer, great
communicator in the honour of truth, gracious, and
genorous, always in service of a gentleman,s heart. In
the flowering of <ian's earth life, he walked the path
of a true human standing in hope for humanity. Through
his passing, may we all remember his vision of love
and plunge in to the vastness of the unknown without

<may our tears cleanse our souls, and transform the
loss of our brother, friend, son into pure golden
light. Thank you brother <ian, for opening our hearts
to flower pain into the ecstasy of freedom. <i know
your queen in heaven is loving your now.

In unity, may the blue activation of storm{s cleansing
rain lightning bolt our path to wholeness.

In presence of divine love, <i am here with all of you
in prayer and in peaceful silence and celebration.

on the path of light and love, sister erin Blue
Crystal Storm