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The world situation is getting really serious I have to share these ASAP. Here are amazing and fightenning documentaries for you to download and watch. RIGHT-CLICK THE MOVIE LINK AND "SAVE LINK AS"
This list will keep growing, I just started to build this page. Please note The files could from time to time be inaccessable, This is most likely cause by me rebooting or working in Windowz, be patient and retry at a later time.

Fallujah INC
Be advised, This short clip of the fighting in Fallujah is upsetting.
I had no clue what white phosphorus was outside of a roadside flair but everyone on the net was saying how we used it as a weapon in Fallujah. Others say its not a weapon. If you do a google on you will get a bunch of hits
to make up your oun mind. This short film on is a free net download in RP WMA and streaming video format.
I converted it to MPEG for this post.
I suggest you preview this before even considering showing it to the faint of heart or children.
fallujah_ING.mpg 270 megs
The Fluoride Deception
Content of Video:
1) Introduction
2) The Aluminum Industry & Fluoridation
3) Mellon Institute: Science for Hire
4) Fluoride Pollution Litigation in the 20th Century
5) Fluoride: The Protected Pollutant?
6) Fluoride & the Atomic Bomb: Harold Hodge's Conflict of Interest
7) The Kettering Laboratory: Selling us Lead, Selling us Fluoride
8) "Buried Science, Buried Workers"
9) "Engineering Consent": Edward Bernays & Water Fluoridation
10) Fluoridating our water with Industrial Waste?
11) Denigrating Dissent
12) Fluoride & Cancer: The Firing of Dr. William Marcus
13) Fluoride & the Brain: "Fireworks at Forsyth"
14) Questioning Orthodoxy
Fluoride Deception.avi 199.7 megs

This video contains 1 hr of video all shorts. The titles are:
The system is not working Peter Dale Scott
Crack to CIA
The War conspiracy - Peter Dale Scott
Music Video - When the smoke clearz by Dead Prez
MK-Ultra - The most dangerous game - Mind Control
The Diamond Life - Sierra Leone in Africa
America at War - Happy Ramadan
PR watch
GNN-Ammo.For.the.Info.Warrior.XviD 389.3 megs

Take Back your Power
SUPPRESSED MEDICAL DISCOVERY: Blood electrification/Immunity Restoration with Microcurrents
download the PDF file for a description:
Suppressed Medical Discovery - PDF 4.8 megs
Suppressed Medical Discovery - 692.1 megs

Gods of the New Age (New Age Expose)
With explosive facts, Gods of the New Age explains why 60 million Americans have been led to Eastern mysticism's "embrace that smothers," exchanging the certain hope of the Biblical message of salvation for the hopeless cycle of reincarnation. "Gods of The New Age" reveals why thousands of churchgoers have begun to believe the lies first told by the serpent in the Garden of Eden....why yoga, meditation, psychological and self-help therapies are turning millions to a pagan the west is being intentionally evangelized by eastern mystics and New Age visionaries. This film explores the eerie world of ego-maniacal gurus and their western counterparts, New Agers. In a series of exclusive, candid interviews, we share the thoughts of "master" and witness the blind devotion and mindless obedience of "disciple." "Gods of The New Age" takes us from a clandestine, early sixties planning meeting held by Indian gurus to today's dignified U.S. corridors, American schoolrooms and Christian churches, where occultic New Age techniques are openly practiced. The film uncovers the chilling parallels between today's Western culture and the similar climate that bred Hitler's Third Reich a generation ago ! YOU NEED THE XVID CODEC TO VIEW

Gods of the New Age (New Age Expose) 697.7 megs