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If you ended up here, on this page from the Coop Radio site, welcome......you can look around.....to the left (in the orange box) you will see the list of the other pages in my site, enjoy......

"SECRETS BEHIND IT ALL" Broadcasted on WED, 1-2pm LISTEN LIVE Pacific time on CJLY.net OR PAST SHOWS. 1 hour of breath-taking information you need to know about world events,

If your not turned on to politics, it will turn unto you

- The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. written by Thomas Jefferson

ARTIST ON TOUR Wed 7-8PM - music show
On Kootenay Coop Radio

Local 93.5FM Nelson 96.5FM Crawford Bay and 107.5FM New Denver, and also Internet Broadcast


Kootenay Coop radio, it was (is) a dream.......it is now real.....The sense of acomplishment that I get from this is so huge. 7 years ago we started to have meetings to figure out what we needed to do to have a local radio station in Nelson, we did the work and here it is and even now we are expanding to send the signal to the Slocan Valley and up the Kootenay lake.

On Wed at 1pm "Secrets Behind it All", is a collection of audio documentaries that should matter to you. The subjects covered in the shows are, the millitary, corporations, global government, water, earth and air issues, discloseurs by ex-employees and The New World Order. Most of these exposee are not heard on mainstream media and yes some of the subject matters at times will be hard to believe - websites and sources are stated within the documentaries for you to go and research this information for yourself.


Remember it only takes two to conspire.

"Be watchful, the current NEW WORLD ORDER Administration is taking actions > that don't have your best interest at heart"

Also Wed at 7pm, "Artist On Tour" and of course the other more fun radio show,Sure is nice to be on the air, 93.5FM and 96.5FM NELSON / KOOTENAY LAKE, BC, Also live on the web. Throughout these years of doing live sound for bands, I have aquired great cd's from bands, most of them are Canadian. So ya, I wanted people to hear them, the awesome music that we have in this country, emerging artist on the world stage, all the worlds a stage........Some of these artists have changed my life with healing sounds, vibrations, with words of wisdom, visions of beauty........filling my heart with joy......

A bit of history........I'm a founding member, have been there since the first meeting, I feel that it's quite the achievement, I want to thank Terry Brennan and Zoe Creighton these two have been major in making it happen, I'm glad to be part of this. I'm starting to really understand the power of radio, how immediate it is to communicate with lots of people about issues that are important to me and to you - the listenner. This is a volanteer run, and listenner supported, thanks for your support, you can help by getting a membership, it really helps, most of the financial support comes from those.
For me, before the station existed, I was doing sound in rooms and bars around town, and I wanted this great music to be heard. I wanted to share more......wider...a bigger room....how can it happen?....the only logical way to do this was to have a radio station and broadcast to the world......I'm glad, I persevered for all these years, we needed it......

I offer training for programmers. Teaching and tutoring with recording, editing, mixing, producing and engineering audio material. The Software used at the station is Soundforge.

For All you listenners up Kootenay Lake, you can now tune in to 96.5 FM and listen to Coop Radio Locally.